Road Less Traveled: The Book Every Snowflake Should Read

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The classic opener from M. Scott Peck’s book The Road Less Traveled is a needed revelation for every snowflake.


The opening line is:

Life is difficult.

life-is-difficult-peckPeck goes on to explain that once you accept that life is difficult, life gets a lot easier. Knowing and accepting the reality of things,  you’re less likely to whine and complain when life doesn’t cater to your whims.

Bad things happen. Stuff always takes longer than expected. Your body is imperfect. Friendship and romantic relationships are mixed bags. Nothing can be taken for granted for very long.

Life is hard. Expecting it to be easy is the number one cause of pain, according to The Road Less Traveled. There’s a clear paradox at work when the one thing that makes life more difficult than it needs to be is expecting life to be easy.

Toddlers expect life to be easy and therefore are easily frustrated. M. Scott Peck does a marvelous job getting us past this one. And life does become easier once you get it.

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Mike Bundrant
Mike Bundrant is a co-founder of the iNLP Center