Your Achilles Eel eBook ~ Prepare for a Psychic Shock

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Your Achilles Eel by Mike Bundrant

This is a short, metaphorical psychology or personal development book. You can read it in one sitting. It might rock your brain.

Here are the main points of Your Achilles Eel:

• You don’t want what you think you want (good stuff)
• You do want what you think you hate (bad stuff)
• You can get what you think you want (happiness)
• But first, you must square yourself with self-sabotage (wanting bad stuff)

Your Achilles Eel is based on what many would call shadow psychology. Meddling with parts of ourselves that we’d rather pretend don’t exist. Yet, they do exist and come out to ruin our best-laid plans (sticking to that diet?).

Are you ready to deal with your inner eel?

If you accept the metaphor in Your Achilles Eel, you’ll grapple with an inner part of yourself (the eel) that feeds on negativity. It loves emotional pain, failure, and general chaos. Loves it.

That means you love it because the eel is part of you. Ok, you don’t love all the negativity in which you live but if you want a way out, you’ll need to realize you’re participating and – deep down – a part of you doesn’t hate it as much as you think.

Your Achilles Eel is on Amazon Kindle. 

Author’s site: iNLP Center

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Mike Bundrant
Mike Bundrant is a co-founder of the iNLP Center